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This Tutorial will explain to users how to stretch an oversized logo to other parts of there desired template.

We hope that this tutorial we give you a better understanding how this small but helpful program works to your liking.



1.Click the Language of your choice in the top right corner.












2.Choose Mod/Make under NR2003 texture.












3.Select 'All 'or the specific area you are working on ie: Back,Front,Hood,Trunk.












4.Choose your template size.












5.Click on ' Create Template ' and save file format as TGA and save as file name and location of your choice.












6.Open the TGA in your paint program and position the Logo/Layer that you are working with in the desired position.

























7.Turn off the wireframe layer and save your file as TGA.























8.Back to NR Stretch make sure that the squared triangle is pointing to the correct template position.












9.Click on convert and you will be prompted to locate your TGA file that you saved in 'Step 7'Click on it then NR Stretch will automatically

convert the TGA so that you can use it on your regular NR2003 template.

Save the file you has just converted to the name and location of your choice.












10.Open the TGA in your paint program and apply to your template.You may add your logos,Number and other details as your work in NR Stretch is now complete.

Stretch SDG18


"Advice:This tutorial has been created in CS5.'If you are having trouble with transparency issues,Make sure that you save your work in 32 bits/pixel.

PSP users who are experiencing the same transparency issues save your work as bitmap in 'Step 5'

Save as a bitmap in 'Step 7' . NR Stretch will then convert the bitmap to a TGA in 'Step 8'. "
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