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GTR Franchise Returning In 2018



18 months have past since any news relating to the GTR 3 Franchise. That silence has ended now, with word that the upcoming sim racer will be on the ground at Gamescom 2018 later this month.

Rather surprisingly, the news doesn’t come from developer SimBin itself. Instead, it comes from Catalyst Games, a Liverpool-based video game production outsourcing company. Rather conveniently, that’s the same city SimBin finds itself in.


The tweet reveals that GTR 3 will recreate the FIA World Endurance Championship. What’s interesting is that the 911 GT3 R in the picture doesn’t actually run in the WEC; that’d be the mid-engined 911 RSR. The two cars — The Racing Group’s No. 991 and the No. 9 Gulf Racing machine — competed in IMSA WeatherTech SCC and Super GT, respectively. This could suggest multiple series will at least be partially represented.

Regardless, the focus on the WEC puts the Unreal Engine 4-powered racer in a similar space to Assetto Corsa Competizione. Kunos’ upcoming title, which runs on the same engine, will put the Blancpain GT series in the spotlight when it hits Early Access September 12.

Both racers will feature full 24-hour time of day transitions. One important difference, however, is platform. SimBin is targeting both PC and consoles for GTR 3, whereas ACC is currently PC-only (though that could very well change).


More news to follow.


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Monday, 20 July 2015 20:27

GTR 3:The game that never was

Back in 2010 simbin studios announced the news that they were working on there 3rd installment of the very successful GTR series.

SimBin have announced that a new GTR game is in the pipeline, aiming to take gamers back to their roots of the basic concept "easy to drive, hard to master". The game will feature a new graphics engine, rumoured to be the first Lizard based game, and will be based on an FIA GT Championship - and whilst it is not yet confirmed which, it is rumoured to be the new FIA GT1 World Championship series.

SimBin have announced that the game will feature comprehensive online features including a downloadable-content plan. It is further rumoured that the game will be fully iOpener-enabled.

Update: 15/1/2012 simbin released some eye catching renders

Simbin have released 10 new screenshots / renders for GTR3 , showing the design process for the P4/5 Competizione car included in the game.

game 0278 012863

Update: 1/3/2012 Simbin  releases the first in-game screenshots of the Pagani Zonda R officially licensed car for GTR3

game 0278 013491

Changes at simbin-Plus New FTP Title

March 30 – 2012 – SimBin Studios has evolved significantly over the last year. Strong investments have led to the employment of new and experienced developers from all over the world, a new state of the art office as well as new projects currently in the making.­­

In the line of these changes, Henrik Roos, one of three founders of SimBin and the CEO of the company, has decided to step down from his position. Henrik is turning the leadership of SimBin Studios AB into the capable hands of Klaus Wohlfarth, the owner of KW Automotive, and the main investor and shareholder of SimBin Studios. Henrik Roos will continue to support the company as a business consultant.

”It feels strange and sad to step down from my role as CEO for SimBin after 10 years of ”marriage” with the company. It is with joy in my heart that I turn the company into the trustworthy hands of Klaus Wohlfarth and his management team. I will for sure follow and support SimBin in its future endeavors, but my family needs me and I also have new and exciting opportunities to explore” says Henrik Roos.

Today, SimBin, RaceRoom and KW Automotive provide a wide product line of software and hardware products within the racing games industry. All three companies are 100% dedicated to motorsports and have a true passion for all things motorized, living up to the statement: “We Are Racing”.

“It is our intention to provide people with the best opportunities to become virtual racers. By controlling the complete production chain in all areas, we are able to offer complete solutions that include software, hardware as well as the overall concepts. The combination of all these values in one, offered by RaceRoom, is a unique concept in the world” says Klaus Wohlfarth.

Additionally, SimBin is happy to inform that the company is working on a Free2Play game platform. Further details will be revealed later this year.

Final Update: 26/6/2012

Simbin have announced that they have officially licensed the Dutch Zandvoort track for inclusion in a future title.

We don't know which game this will be for yet, but we've added some rather impressive screenshots of the new track to our GTR3 game profile. It is not known whether this is linked to the recent Aquilia CR1 screenshots released in May.

game 0278 014368

Sad to say that this game title never made it to be published and after reading some comments made by past employees things got a little heated,It's a shame the sim racers never got to try this promising title out as am sure it would of been a huge hit amongst sim racing fans worldwide.

game 0278 014146

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