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NR2003:MENCS 2018




From Splash N 'Go and Studio Speed, with collaboration from Big Evil Designs comes the most realistic mod for the Nr2003 simulator, MENCS 2018.

It includes the most current Chevrolet model in NASCAR that being the sublime Camaro ZL1 other manufacturers in the series includes the Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry. Although no longer running in the series the mod creators have also included the Dodge Charger. The damage models of the cars are the best that I have seen for Nr2003 and who would have thought that this could be possible from a racing simulator that was originally released back in 2003.

Great attention to detail and overall improvement in the graphics of the cars.
Includes the possibility that you can paint the steering wheel of the cars and play with the design of the driver, which is shown in the Showroom within the player's game menu
MENCS 2018 has digital Dashboards for all brands.
The mod includes all the paintings announced so far for the  Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for 2018, As well as some fictional schemes created by Splash N 'Go..




This modification may cause issues with different gaming systems. We suggest the following to improve performance experience:
All car files should be kept under 4 Mb.
24-bit compressed exported tga files for cars and 1024 24-bit compressed pit crews.
Do not modify your game beyond the point it is recommended for "graphical improvements"


SNG header220118


Credits:     3D modelling by: Douglas Allen and Cosmin Ioaneșiu with the stock NR2003 pace car
            Templates: Nick Baker, Chad Mikosz, Taylor Smith, Chris Everett, Cosmin Ioaneșiu, Italo Rapacci and James Hodge (rims textures)
            Textures: Matt Muir, Italo Rapacci, Cosmin Ioaneșiu
            Denis Rioux for the chassis and part textures (used with permission)
            Paint schemes: Chad Mikosz, Nick Baker, Cosmin Ioaneșiu, Chris Everett, George Mihai, Daniel Ruppel, Kevin Dwight, Dobbs , David Baker, Italo Rapacci, Vincent Furlong, Matt Muir, Travis Baker, Maxi Moreno

            Pit crews by Szip on
            Various helpers: Andrew Schwartz, Steve Rada, Robert Panko, Jon Flournoy.

The mod and all associated files can be downloaded @

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