Saturday, 11 November 2017 16:33

NR2003:Winston Cup 1998 Mod

 98SGO628 o


From Splash N’ Go and Studio Speed, comes the all new Winston Cup98 mod. With almost 100 cars, including every entry from the 1998 Daytona 500, this mod depicts the cars that ran in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series from the 1996 to 1999 seasons with 4 individual models as well as one of the most detailed damage models ever for this sim. As an added bonus, the download for this mod also includes a bunch of extra Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt cars, including the special Winston All Star schemes for both drivers.

Keep an eye out, as more cars will be uploaded here in the near future as addons, as well as an offical GNS and CTS version, with the GNS version featuring accruate Busch Series Cars from the same time frame. WinstonCup98 is bound to provide hours of fun for any sim racer looking for some throwback fun.

Credits and Thank you notes:
-Original models by Cosmin Ioaneșiu with bits from the rockstar files from
-Original driver by within the rockstar files
-Templates by Splash n’ GO Graphics and Robert Panko
-Textures by Robert Panko and Cosmin Ioaneșiu
-rims textures by James Hodge (used with permission)
-Pit crews by denis rioux and desmodsracing crew taken from cup90 default carset – used with permission
-In-game provided cars and rosters: Sean Whitehill, Ricardo Gomes, Robert Panko, Cosmin Ioaneșiu, Tim Johnston, Zack Johnson, Nick Baker
-Advisors: Jack D. Hill Jr. (Smoke_OR), Douglas Allen (Burnout) and Matt O’Reilly
-BETA-Testers: Robert Panko, Cosmin Ioaneșiu, John Poole III, Jon Flournoy, Andrew Schwartz, Blake Trawick, Sean Whitehill, Steve Rada, Nick Baker, Jack Yaudes, Kevin Dwight and others

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