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Saturday, 25 July 2015 20:37

RFactor 2:Estoril 2.0 Released Featured

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Since its initial release, the Portugal International track had been plagued with unusually bad performance with heavy stuttering. We’ve looked at every object in-between track projects to optimize the place as much as possible, and gave it a face-lift while we were at it, incorporating the latest technology. In the end, it turned into quite a big project that needed this one final push to complete our planned task list.

Had we released incremental improvements, this release would easily be worthy of carrying the v3.0 label instead — it’s that much of a change compared to the other tracks we’ve updated. This one needed it. The end result is a very smooth experience compared to the earlier versions. Enjoy!

Profile: http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/tracks/portugal-international/
Download: 323 MB
Screenshots: Below changelog.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new version of Estoril (or Portugal International as it is officially-named) for their rFactor 2 simulation.

Estoril has been one of the tracks that have been in rFactor 2 ever since the first public build and as such, the track has received a major upgrade to bring it to the latest spec, resulting in a quite long changelog as you can see below!


Implemented RealRoad Shader and reworked/remapped roads
Added RealRoad to curbs
Mapped RaceGroove for GP and GT Layouts
Remapped access roads
Remapped painted lines
Smoothed out the excessive road bumps for the most part
Lowered sawtooth curbs
Remapped curbs and adjusted texture to match the sawtooth profile (has some small UV glitches)
Cut Astroturf into terrain meshes
Implemented new Terrain Shader and reworked/remapped terrain
Cut in new gravel trap edges for use with Terrain Shader
New road, curb and terrain texture set
Terrain Radiosity pass
Added grass verges
Added high poly inner embankments inside T1-T4
Added high poly outer embankment between T6-T7
Added terrain shadow casters
Added vegetation shadow casters
Added new grid + new texture
Vertex Blended tyre colours
Added normal and spec maps to armco posts
Cut in transparent glass with cheap interior for key buildings
Repopulated RefMap0, ReflectedEnv and Static01 reflection maps with performance in mind
Implemented Digital Flags technology
Applied super precise inertia for movable tyre stacks based on rF2’s tyre model calculations
Updated TDF to latest set of grip values
Added telehandlers
Added new and updated cams
Added new loading screens
Added Test Team RealRoad Preset Pack
Removed one particularly nasty tyre wall on GP Layout
Removed HDR Profiles
Fixed small building proportion inaccuracy
Re-conformed painted stripes to smoothed surface
Fixed tyre wall smoothing
Fixed some access road T verts
Remapped start lights to match reality
Fixed many but probably not all popups
Re-exported XSectors to fix 32 bit issues
Re-exported the handful of GMTs that weren’t touched to 2.52 format using gJED
Slightly reduced z-fighting of vegetation, also resulting in a tiny performance gain
Renamed Grand Prix of Portugal to GP Layout for the sake of consistency
Replaced all trackside vehicles with higher detail ones (Team Trucks, Rescue Vehicles, Cars)
Replaced all modular grandstands with higher detail ones
Replaced apex tyre stacks to GT Layout with higher detail ones
Replaced outhouses with much better ones
Replaced tyre walls with higher detail ones
Replaced all cones with much better models
Replaced glass materials
Replaced entire crowd and optimized for smoother performance
Optimized road and terrain objects and materials for better and smoother performance
Optimized access roads for smoother performance
Optimized tyre wall material
Optimized tyre wall objects
Optimized 3D tyre objects
Optimized fence textures and materials for better performance
Optimized Armco (aggressive), Armco posts and fence posts
Optimized and improved barriers (Armco, pitwall)
Optimized all vegetation objects for smoother performance
Optimized smaller TrackSide Objects for smoother performance
Optimized shadow casters for armco and tyres for better performance
Optimized small concrete grandstands
Removed some hardly-seen pit objects
Aggressive mirror optimization
Optimized night lighting
Removed unused/obsolete meshes and textures
Cleaned up pit building textures
Cleaned up main grandstand textures
Removed negative mip map bias on all/most materials
Improved and rebalanced all vegetation textures
Remapped and optimized marshal huts
Improved road and curb textures
Randomized vegetation a bit
Remapped tyre wall canvas and revamped its texture
Improved tyre textures
Slightly improved distance markers
Updated crowd textures
Improved vegetation textures
Cut in red bricks on old ruin house
Rescaled T3 flags
Tweaked fog

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