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Logitech G27:Outlasting It's Competition Featured

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Just as an experienced driver needs the highest-quality car to race in, a skilled gamer needs the best gaming steering wheel to have the best control and precision on the virtual road. Logitech's G27 racing wheel excels in just about every category, providing you with solid force feedback and tight controls. The G27 receives our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award because it is made from high-end materials and gives you the single best experience while racing.

This updated version of the G25 includes added buttons on the wheel's face, noise reduction when you turn the wheel and more compatibility with more recent racing games. The G27 racing wheel works on PC, PS3 and PS2. With newer gaming consoles out, we're disappointed to see that Logitech has yet to offer an updated version. Despite the lack of Xbox One and PS4 compatibility, the G27 is still the best racing wheel available.

This is the PC steering wheel the rest of the competition tries to measure up to. It has the essential features and little extras to enhance the realism. The design is solid and attractive. The pedals and paddle shifters simulate a real car and offer enough customization to make each race a comfortable yet speedy one.

The G27 racing wheel boasts dual-motor force feedback with helical gearing. In short, your wheel gives realistic pressure according to your driving abilities. If you happen to throttle the gas too much, you feel, through the wheel, your tires start to lose grip on the road. It absolutely helps give a great simulated experience as you overcorrect your steering and lose control of the car's rear end – the wheel gives appropriate pressure to fight you.

Several competitors include a stick shift, but they become more of an afterthought because there is no actual clutch on the pedal platform. The G27 includes a six-speed shifter, a push-down reverse gear and a clutch pedal. The shifter and clutch on Logitech's peripheral make racing games incredibly accurate.

It's the little things that put the G27 over the top and make for the most enjoyment. Right above the horn button there are RPM and shift indicator LEDs. It enhances the entire experience, as you not only hear and feel when the car should be put in the next gear, but you can see it right on your wheel. The wheel allows a 900-degree rotation, letting you steer hand over hand on the wide turns. This is the same degree of motion that steering wheels in cars offer.

It may not sound like a big deal, but the leather grip makes this wheel stand out. The comfort level and realistic feel are unmatched. Hardcore gaming drivers will be satisfied by the look and feel of the wheel. The G27 keeps the buttons on the wheel simple. There are three buttons on either side of the frame. Most of the device's 16 buttons are attached to the shifter device.

Mounting the 

peripheral is not difficult with G27's dual clamping. It easily latches to a table, computer desk or TV tray. There is also the option to screw the device into a playseat or desk for a more permanent solution. There is a sturdy rubber floor grip beneath the pedals to keep it from sliding, and it works well thanks to the weight of the device. We have found that when it comes to game steering wheels, the heavier, the better. No one can complain about how sturdy this wheel, shifter and pedal set are. The pedals themselves are constructed from steel and far enough apart that your feet won't be stepping on two pedals at once.

If there is a flaw, it's in the cable attachment. Each device needs to be connected, and the appearance of the peripheral feels cluttered.

This gaming wheel has many buttons, which can be confusing. However, the G27 lets you customize each button. The Logitech profile software shows you what each button does and allows you to change the function of any of the 16 buttons.

You can easily adjust each of the steel pedals to fit your comfort level. Also, if you don't like to use the six-speed shifter or are playing intense racers focused on Formula 1 or rally car driving, it's best to use the paddle shifters behind the wheel. Essentially, this entire device lets you change everything to match your preferences. It is a wheel and pedal set that requires an initial investment, but it is absolutely a device that lasts.

Everything you see can be adjusted. While the force feedback is one of its stronger features, a few gamers may not want to feel it as strongly, so there is the option to adjust the feedback strength. Adjustable ABS vibration and steering sensitivity also give this device the edge over competing PC steering wheels.

Logitech provides a three-year limited warranty for its game steering wheels. It provides quick responses by email support. Phone support is not a hassle, and the representatives are willing to answer any question that you may not have seen in the user manual or FAQs section of the site. They also provide you with an online community of users who have the same issues and questions you do.The G27 racing wheel, shifter and pedal set is the best PC steering wheel out there. If you are new to racing games and start out with this device, you will be spoiled and expect nothing less afterward. If you are a hardcore driving gamer, you will be satisfied with the quality of features, design and customization the G27 has.

The G27's leather grip makes it the most comfortable wheel out there.

The cables for each device make the setup a bit messy.

The Verdict:

The G27 racing wheel is the best gaming steering wheel to help you get the most out of your racing games.

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